Departure 9 a.m. or alternatively 2 p.m. from the Marina Poseidon pier.

We then begin the navigation that will take us inside the heart of theCapo MilazzoMarine Protected Area. Along the route you will admire the most important places on the eastern side of Capo Milazzo such as Croce di Mare, Punta Rugno, Punta Grottazze (Golden Cave).

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The first more substantial stop will be at Rinella Bay where you can go swimming and snorkeling.

We then continue to Punta Gamba di Donna famous for the rock having such a distinctive shape.

As you turn the tip of Cape Milazzo, beyond which you pass into the western side of Milazzo, you can see the Artichoke Rock famous for being considered the most dangerous point from which to dive.

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We then reach the destination of our sailing, St. Anthony Bay.

A magical place because of its history and the colors that the sea together with the sky create. Qere you can take another quick swim so that you can then depart for the Oriented Nature Reserve of Marinello.

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We will then travel the entire western beach of Milazzo along which you can admire the exciting Bay of Tone and the Castle of Milazzo.

Next stop, Tindari and the Laghetti di Marinello. As we approach the destination you will begin to see the shrine built in honor of the Black Madonna. A shrine set atop a mountain at the base of which is a tongue of white sand and the famous natural lakes generated by sea currents.

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Here we will stop so you can snorkel and have lunch on the boat or on the beach according to your preference. You will also be offered fresh fruit accompanied by good cold coffee.

In the early afternoon we will then head back toward Milazzo so that we can stop again in St. Anthony’s Bay where you can relax and watch the beginning of the sunset from here.

At this point we can return toward our starting point, the Marina Poseidon pier.

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