Departure 9 a.m. or alternatively 2 p.m. from Marina Poseidon pier.

Along the route you will admire the most important places on the eastern side of Cape Milazzo such as Croce di Mare, Punta Rugno, Punta Grottazze (Golden Cave).

The first more substantial stop will be at Rinella Bay where you can go swimming and snorkeling.

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As you turn the tip of Cape Milazzo, beyond which you pass into the western side of Milazzo, you can see the Artichoke Rock famous for being considered the most dangerous point from which to dive.

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We then reach the destination of our sailing, the Bay of St. Anthony, an magical place because of its history and the colors that the sea together with the sky create.

Here you can spend an hour or so doing lots of snorkeling and consuming fresh fruit with some offered cold coffee served by the skipper.

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At this point we set off again, heading along the western beach, and we will have you look from afar at the exciting Bay of Tone from which you can admire Milazzo Castle.

At this point we can return toward our starting point, the Marina Poseidon pier.

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